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its seventh 00 Now, this happened to me at 13:00 today !.... I've always loved the idea of ​​playing with other guys cock stability in a relationship, but I've always matureup liked the idea matureup of ​​making a guy cum ORT ! 3guys 've seen before in the past 18 months or so, but never matureup had the bottle to cum in my mouth... for the day! and nobody knows me and I was bi I havnt had everything bi guys out there who are still trying to say.... so I know what today Identification,.... I am a 32 year old bi guy, slim tonnes with a body, I take care of myself and go to the gym 3 times a week.. I live in Essex, well I've been a man of about 15 minutes the life of my talk, met us back online a few months, but never got to know... is working as a bit loose at the mo, I decided to take Thurzo / Friday, and felt a little hot matureup last night, so that the text you asking how.... I text back and said he was in the era fantasy Thurzo popin more.... I could not believe my luck !!!..... I agreed and told chat ID honline in the morning... Indeed, we chatted and arranged so that their place in the first round 00 meeting.... that I got into the shower, she gave my penis and testicles of a good shave, dressd got and got in my way... as i havnt had to meet for a while, I was a little nervous in the car, the text, he gave me the name of the street and said it was the house, and approached me as I approached and tried to pull myself together... must be assumed to have been sitting there thinking thruogh the 5th Sun Min 'm going with this or not... Then thought the crap and just went for it.... I entered the parking lot, and text back and told me it was blocking the left hand, and was the second floor.... Wel my heart beat, I matureup can tel you, I went to the floors, stairs, and was already in the door good looks, my age and build.. He has a pair of shorts and a black vest dressd... I was sitting opposite him on the couch, we must have talked for 20 minutes or so we have decided to enter the bedroom... He sat on the bed and if ASKD Identification as to depriveto our boxers, two Layd rub me beside him on the bed and began tightening and my cock through my boxers, I started to do the same.... Then he bent down and started to kiss, now, I've never kissed a man, but the boy has made the two... I thought that doing things right.. A few minutes may be over, and it was gettin pretty wet, I could feel my cock and load the first drops of pre cum from the end is seaping... that I took off my pants... He then moved to its shutdown, and that was when I saw his cock first time was about 7 inches long and quite thick ant... approximately the same size as mine, but quite matureup abit thicker !!.... and had a very long time... Wel 4skin went streight down and licked the end, and when I matureup saw the first drop of precum emerged was how sweet..... Wel, then I started to stop a blowjob, with plenty of saliva to test it, leaned back and groaned quietly... i suck a cockMeanwhile, I sucked his balls, and putting his tongue in the ass has begun... I think he liked it when I could hear his breathing getting stronger... Then I said, 'Now its my turn to suck matureup u'... I Layd, knelt between my spread legs and matureup took my now rock hard and keep very wet tail, and the feeling of your lips soft and moist while walking through the town was simply Amazeing !... I could have cum there and then it was only the end of sucking my cock at first, then he just alittle bit more in your mouth... But then they took all my 7 '.... oh my God this guy !!... new and matureup deep throat a cock... I felt my cock wanted to cum... I told him I was very close, but he began to pull my dick and suck me faster, Cummer now very serious and did not identify sex since Monday night, and when I arrived, I never had an orgasm as voilent as with any girl... before could jet after jet of my hot cum inside her mouth to feel the press... but sumhow managed to take all that after a few... seconds.. matureup He pulled his cock from her mouth, then put the thumb of my shaft, was squeezed every last drop of semen, looked at me and licked my balls to the tip of my cock and swallowed... then smiled at me...... Then I realized that although I have to comply with the three before that I never really cum... pre cum yer tested, but never had a man shoot his load in her mouth.... I was a little nervous, you sences what I felt and said that if you ask me, if you approach cum i.... I think I just nodded... my legs were still shakein than just me, but somehow retracted its tail, which is distilled pre face so.... I remember thinking, even if it tastes as good as this disease is well.... i lick his balls once more began to masturbate while he slowly... lickd returned and all the way to the bottom of the shaft... I realized it was coming, as it had started to grind her hips on the bed... soI just keep... should be 20-30 seconds, then said... ' I can not go no more... I'm gonna cum'... Wel, I 'm not going back now... so with my right hand gently matureup cuppd his balls and matureup was the first of three planes hot salty but creamy cum hit the back of my mouth... a good dose of semen... but not as strong as me... and I tell you I was not disappointed... It's great !!... I was waiting for his cock to stop Twitchin, and there was a long blowjob..... We both laid there and talked matureup for a while... Then he went to the bathroom and dressed me, we sat and had a drinkfor a bit in the front room, then I said, I 'm the best, and then a... We agreed to meet again soon..... Sitting here writing, I want more cock and...... ill let you know the following.... happnz Hope this helps you all bi curious out there, go for it... It's great ! Thanx for takin the time to read about my ordeal....
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